Project management

Coordination of the various building trades of your construction site

For the layout or the renovation of your housing or business, you are brought to bring in several corporate building trades.
Thanks to our expertise in project management, we can coordinate for you the various intervants of your construction site.

You have a unique interlocutor for all the stages of the layout or the renovation of your house or premises ; interlocutor who makes sure that the realization of the operations is in accordance with your project.

We coordinate the diverse participants who have to operate on the construction site (masons, electricians, plumbers, heating engineers, painters, ...).

By delegating us the plannification and the follow-up of the various interventions, you release the constraint of the numerous adjustments which requires any construction site.

When you are not present, or if you do not live on the spot, your construction site follows all the same its course, and you are regularly informed about the progress of the works.

We invite you to consult us to entrust the project management of your construction site.
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Project management : coordination of your works
Project management : coordination of your construction site
Tuesday July 7 2020
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